Case Study

“How can I do this better?”

It’s a broad question. “Better” can mean different things to different customers—even inside their own organizations. However, this is the question that bonds Sharp to their customers.

Our team works closely with our customers to define their goals upfront and develop concepts to achieve these requirements. Sharp’s value is found in our manufacturing prowess. With a broad exposure of manufacturing practices spanning multiple industries, customers, processes, and materials, Sharp’s team can implement best practices based on our previous supplied solutions.

Sharp tooling Partners with Mobility Clients


Initial Engagement

Sharp Tooling Solutions first met with Quality Metal Craft (QMC) to discuss support for their upcoming projects. This initial meeting set the stage for offering expertise in process development and tooling solutions.

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Opportunity Identification

Quality Metal Craft (QMC) presented an opportunity to collaborate on developing a manufacturing process for Moxion's innovative mobile battery unit. This project required precise and efficient solutions to meet their high standards and production goals.


Process Development

Using the concept process and preliminary data provided by Moxion, Sharp conducted a thorough investigation to refine and define a more efficient manufacturing process. The focus was on optimizing the process to minimize tooling costs and streamline the necessary steps, ensuring the project's success.


Bid Proposal

Upon approval of the refined process, Sharp's commercial team prepared a bid based on the developed process content. The proposal highlighted the cost-effective and efficient solutions designed to meet Quality Metal Craft (QMC)'s needs.


Project Advancement

Sharp won the opportunity to collaborate with Quality Metal Craft (QMC) and Moxion and is currently in the design phase, working diligently to bring the optimized manufacturing process to fruition.


Tool Design





Implementation Plan


Proposal Book